Estate Planning for Intellectual Property

by Delton R Henderson Esq. / Mar 25, 2020

Intellectual Property is not only a familiar form of personal expression it is fast becoming a popular way to create income. The World Intellectual Property Organization recognizes brand images as a key asset for creating value for a business. Developing this…read more

Secrets Of An Effective Negotiator

By Delton R Henderson Esq. / Feb 20, 2020

Effective negotiators, whether they be cooperative or intimidators are known to share a few common traits. The following is a list of just a few qualities of an effective negotiator…read more 

What Mediators Say About Communicating During Conflict.

By Delton R Henderson Esq. / Feb 19, 2020

Communication involves sharing a great number of things such as ideas, beliefs, information and values. It is essential to all social interaction, including conflict. In the latter context, we are called upon to communicate not only verbally, but also behaviorally. Our behavior…read more

Beyond The Law:

How to motivate people in the workplace.

Video Series By Delton Henderson, Project Manager

In this series of short videos, Delton shares words of wisdom about Leadership, Delegation, Goals, Relationships… click to view more.


Overview: How to Motivate People in the Workplace.